The Rail District

The Rail District, located in Frisco, TX, is an up-and-coming downtown area being developed by my client, The Nack Group (Nack Development & Construction). They are creating a vibrant, lively downtown centered on community and small business.

They approached me to create a website for them. With nearly free reign, I created a faceted filtering feature on each of the individual business type pages where you can filter by business subtype. Each business loads a unique page that includes primary business information, their logo, and a brief description (if provided) of the business.

Other features of this website include a custom integration with Stripe for businesses to purchase yearly memberships with the organization. The challenge with this one was finding a solution that allowed to charge a yearly membership fee AND a monthly membership fee. It took a lot of time to solve, but it ended up with a solution that works well for the Rail District.

There are some very cool under-the-hood features going on with this project that really tested my abilities and I am happy with the result from solving these difficult problems.

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