Front Porch Brewing's 2nd Annual Pink Flea Market

Calling Front Porch Brewing's Pink Flea Market the Second Annual is a bit of a lie. The first one happened on March 2nd, 2020 and we all know what happened after that. I hung out at that original one with a piglet sleeping in my arms for six hours. And, because of that piglet, I was the most popular person there. As long as we don't count those two years as happening, however, then yes, this is the Second Annual Pink Flea.

This event celebrates women owned businesses in Connecticut and is the release of their Pink Boots Society beer. The beer, pictured above, is a fun low ABV crusher with high salinity and lavender. Front Porch invited over a dozen women owned businesses as vendors for this years event, including some returning from the first one. I offered to help them out by covering the event, as it's a busy day for the brewery staff and owners. Needless to say, it was a pretty fun time.

The brewery's staff was on absolute fire. The taproom was jam packed with people constantly wanting to have a beer in hand while walking around. So, they need to be acknowledged for being total badasses.

And let's not forget the owners, Tiff and Ryan, who put on this killer event. They're absolute rockstars and this event is one of my favorite things they do at the brewery.

This year's vendors were fantastic. I spent a bit too much money on things I didn't need, but definitely wanted. I mean, who can say no to freshly made macarons? Or handmade soaps? Or Connecticut inspired beer art? I definitely couldn't.

And that leaves us with the most important part of Pink Flea. The dogs. What flea market is complete without a variety of dogs to pet and take photos of? Some of them even posed for the camera without me asking them to.