Hi! I’m Anthony, and I shoot people!

Now you may be asking yourself, “Does that guy actually shoot people?” If you are, the answer is most definitely no. I take pictures of people, and occasionally things and nature.  I’ve had cameras in my hands as long as I can remember, and it’s one of my biggest passions.

I tend to shoot three major areas: Editorial, Landscape & Urban Scenes, and Concerts. It’s a strange grouping of genres, but I’ve happened into all of them in different ways and I draw creative joy from them. Each one allows me to be creative in different ways, grow as a photographer, and make some cool art while I’m at it. It makes it fun, and less structured and formal.

You shoot concerts? That must be fun!

It definitely is! I got into shooting concerts for a music blog while in college and it has allowed me the ability to photograph some of my favorite bands. It has allowed me to grow as a photographer and gain a far better understanding of light and what it does. Plus, getting to see a bunch of free music is pretty cool.

I Travel the World

One of the greatest things I’ve been allowed in life is traveling the world. I’ve been all over the globe, and in these travels, I’ve seen some pretty amazing things. From places such as Machu Picchu to Petra to the Colosseum to the the forests of Vermont and the beaches of California, I’ve captured some incredible things on camera. I share things that I find interesting and unique and visually stunning.

Your cat is an astronaut?

No, but she’s trying to be.

Follow Me!

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