One of my biggest passions is beer, it’s the industry I work in for a day job, it’s what my life is outside of photography. Being involved in the Connecticut beer industry has been a great joy, and it’s allowed for some doors to open up. One of said doors is product photography. A lot of breweries have merchandise outside of beer that they sell both in a brick and mortar and online setting.

With breweries that sell in an online setting, the need for quality photography is apparent, and as such, I am occasionally tapped by breweries to photograph their non-beer products. I provide merchandise looks based on the clients request, and we work together to create images that are eye catching and pop online.

If you would like to inquire about my services, please message me. I am always looking for new breweries to partner with for photography and it’s quite a lot of fun – especially when taking photos of glassware full of beer. I offer competitive rates and an incredibly quick turn-around time on all end-product delivery.